Will Your Web Business Flourish Or Fail? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

You often hear today of the phrase “take action”. Meaning basically taking action to see results..

This is true, our measured success is a direct consequence of our actions. However our mindset plays a vital role in how we perceive ourselves as entrepreneurs!

I believe this one obstacle alone can be the deciding factor in which small web based business’s will flourish online whilst the majority never make a single sale.

Internet Marketing as a whole is rapidly changing. The days of setting up a blog and adding your affiliate banners are all but redundant.

Everyone is looking for the latest loophole or get rich quick system instead of focusing their most valuable asset, their web based business!

Many people believe that the Internet differs from offline business’s in such a way that they don’t take the time to plan their business model properly and ensure they have a proven system and formidable sales funnel in place.

This in turn leads to weeks, months or even years of frustration and ultimately the perishing of these once ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs and there web based business.

So let’s briefly discuss some key points that will help kick start your web business and save much frustration!

Firstly, if you are new to internet marketing and struggling to piece together the building blocks, then you need to find a reputable mentor who has a proven track record!

PLEASE NOTE: By proven mentor I don’t mean someone who has had 1 or 2 successful product launches! Find a teacher who has earned credibility and warrants respect from his piers! (Every man and his dog is making flashy sales videos with paid actors and claiming to be a “guru”. doesn’t necessarily mean that they are!)

Secondly you need to FOCUS on building a brand and establishing your business. Remember you are not just trying to “make money online”, you are building a business.

STOP buying the latest products that claim to automate your income and make you a small in fortune at record speed! It’s all B.S!

Establishing a web based business takes work. There are no shortcuts (just as there are no shortcuts if you were trying to build a brick and mortar business offline!)

Sure there are tools of automation for internet marketers.. However there are NO such tools that will automate your business and bring in a flood of cash whilst you sleep. Period!

Lastly, you need to ensure you have a system in place. Sending traffic direct to sales pages and affiliate offers is working backwards. The average conversion rate in Internet Marketing sales is 1-2%.

So let’s say that you have a blog that gets 100 visitors a day. Now let’s assume you have a phenomenal conversion rate of 10%. WOW

That’s 10 customers in every 100 buying your product or buying a product via your affiliate link. Not bad for a days work, BUT, what about the other 90 visitors who didn’t buy your product?

If you don’t have a system in place then you have probably lost those potential prospects forever!

This is why you need a system in place. Having a web form (opt in form) on that same site and offering your visitors a free gift of perceived high value will enable you to collect their e mail address and name and follow up with them.

Offer them great advice on the topic of the niche you are in and build a relationship with them. This means you potentially have a life long customer who will buy products on your recommendation for years to come.

You must also have passion to help others in your chosen niche and NOT just try to extract money from their credit cards!

These are real people who are looking for solutions to a problem, whether it be losing weight, training a savage dog or setting up a web business for example.

Those are just a few ways to set up a sustainable web based business.

Remember. Stay FOCUSED. There are NO magic pills.. If you work hard enough and “sow enough seeds”, you will reap the rewards for your efforts come harvest time.